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Get To Know Scott

Interviewer:  Why credit unions?

Scott:  I have been a member of a credit union since college and was given the opportunity to work at one between my junior and senior year of college. That experienced opened my eyes to an industry that put people first. When I graduated from Albion, that same credit union gave me an opportunity as a Branch Manager in my hometown. It became obvious to me that credit unions fulfilled my passion of helping people – and I could make a living doing what I love.

Interviewer:  What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing credit unions today?

Scott:  Credit unions are facing the challenge of the “new normal”. Regulations are already becoming greater and trust of financial institutions has been lost by many consumers. Credit unions must position themselves as the viable alternative and be open minded to look at restructuring and partnering to insure not only survival but success. I believe the CUSO model is one way this will be done as we begin to live in the “new normal” of a much more global economy. 

Credit unions must also stay vigilant on the legislative side. I have been involved in this area and Honor CU is committed to getting the credit union voice heard at the state and national levels. As a nation we have become disconnected from our elected officials and it is important to remind our representatives that they are just that, OUR representatives. 

Interviewer:  What do you bring to the CU*Answers Board?

Scott:  My goal is to bring support, insight and curiosity. I believe I have done that in my first two terms, but also feel there is more work to do. I have a strong belief in the strength of cooperation, but also understand the challenge of competition. I have been at CU*Answers sessions where people start off with “we are just a small credit union but…” In reality the entire movement is small in the scheme of things so we need to focus on what we do well and our strengths. As a board member it would be my goal to stay in touch with the partners, users, and investors in the CUSO to insure a well-rounded, diverse perspective. I believe a board should celebrate its successes while always be looking forward to the next challenge

Interviewer:  What is the key to success?

Scott:  My key to success is a strong faith and a passion for what you believe in. If someone is doing something they don’t enjoy they need to move on because life is too short. I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and dream with other people, debate differences, and celebrate similarities. This is reflected in my volunteerism, professional affiliations, and hopefully in the job I do every day. I also strive to constantly improve and never be satisfied with the status quo. The way I see it, you only go around once – go fast!

Interviewer:  What would you tell someone looking to work in the credit union movement?

Scott:  Have passion to serve and be a change agent. There is no room for boring or status quo in credit unions anymore. This was a disruptive movement when it started and at some point we started to try to be like the institutions we were founded to be against. If you’re looking for an easy and simple job – don’t come to the credit union movement – we need passion, drive and creativity.