Bubble Up or Trickle Down

Which is it?  Simple question.  Are you a bubble up or trickle down team member?  What the heck does that mean? Is this some new management theory?  Nope – it’s an observation about people.   I like to observe and listen to people.  I like to challenge someone when they say “nobody trained me”, “no one tells me anything”, etc.  I like to do this because I want to see people take control and own their success and their failures.  Here’s a hint:  You say those things – you are on the fast track to failing and being a victim – by choice.  “Well that’s not very nice” – get over it.  We are all gifted with the ability of free will, creativity, and curiosity.  Are there some companies that suck – yep.  They are the ones that don’t challenge their team and co-workers to improve and be bubble up people.  We will not be one of those companies.

Too many times human nature can be complacent or compliant to the extent of self destruction.  Ask yourself how many times you are told “no” (hint: fewer is not better).  I refer to this as the trickle down way of living.  “I’m just waiting to find out what I’m supposed to do”,  “Nobody has told me anything so I’m just waiting”.  “I just don’t think we should do it that way but that is the way they told me to do it.”  If you find yourself saying this – Congrats – you are part of the destined to go nowhere trickle down club.  Waiting for information, direction, rules, news, etc. to trickle down to you is really not a fun way to live, work, or play.  Do you really want to just be “trickled” on each day?  Are you comfortable with others determining direction even if you know there may be a better way to do it?  How long will you be the victim?  It is time to bubble up!!!

That’s right – bubble up with feedback and ideas of how to make things better or do things differently. Participate in your life, job, business, and future.  There are plenty of trickle down people in this world, and many of them will be miserable or just content.   I believe there is more to life than that.  This is a commitment we must make to each other.  We have to be a bubble up group of people if we are going to be personally successful.  There are too many ideas that have never even been given an opportunity to be tried or turned down.  I am committed to promoted and embracing the bubble up mentality and I’m challenging you to live it each day.  Generate excitement, ideas, and challenges that bubble up in the organization and challenge the status quo.  Is it scary? Yep.  Will you be turned down? Yep.  Will you have success?  Yep.  You miss all the shots you don’t take.  The bubble up mentality is all about taking the shots – no matter what your title or position on the team.

Thanks to all that have bubbled up in the past…keep it up.  To those who prefer the trickle down method or get stuck in a traditional corporate structure – it’s not sustainable for any of us.  We cannot promote trickle down but just giving directives.  We MUST promote bubble up by challenging each other through questions on how we can do better and get better each day.