Core Workout- Integrity

New Year – new opportunities… but what are we really waiting for? What is the magic of the calendar flipping over to a new year? In reality, we get a new day to play each and every 24 hours. What we do and who we are during that 24 hours defines this workout on integrity. This is a hard workout because you don’t get a lot of press on it (usually).

One of my favorite definitions of integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. I’m sure you have all heard it before, but how do we get it into our daily workout? How do we make it a habit that just becomes who we are each day? Does integrity make you stronger – I would propose yes because doing the right thing makes you stronger. Does integrity raise others on our team up? I would again say yes, because we know we are getting the best from each other at all times, on-stage and off-stage, we are doing the right thing.

Sometimes these workouts can be monotonous, so here are some “sets” for practicing integrity. Pick stuff up when no one asks, and no one is looking. Leave a space a little better than we found it. Smile and assume positive intent with our teammates (I firmly believe smiles are free and should be used excessively – failure to do so impacts long term success). Invest in making ourselves and those around us better. Get over ourselves – none of us are more important than the team. Consider other perspectives and do so with respect and fairness (huh, a few earlier workouts coming back to us). If we disagree with a teammate or have a different opinion – talk to them. Talking to others won’t help and is the opposite of working with integrity – don’t do things that make us weak.

Are you up to another workout? This one is a tough one and society does not promote this in many cases – but we like to be different, don’t we? Let’s dig in and make things better each and every day by embracing this workout with each other, our members and personally… whether people are watching – or not!